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Overcoming Existential Crisis: What You Need To Know

a boy on existential crisis

Have you undergone existential crisis? Let’s face it. All of us have gone through some point in this and even some of us are still struggling with the idea of WHO WE ARE and WHY ARE WE IN THIS WORLD.

Some of us have learnt about evolution, that we were once a clump of cells emerged from the sea before taking into human form. Most of us have also been instilled with religious values and belief systems, that there is a Supreme Being out there that created us–but for what purpose? Yes, thats the question. What are you really meant to do in this world? That’s when existential crisis comes in.

Existential Crisis: Who Am I?

This term “existential crisis” is defined as an inner turmoil within yourself about your identity and purpose in this world. It is characterized by overwhelming feelings of doubt, depression, and anxiety. People who have undergone life-changing events are most likely to have experienced this. Even teens and middle-aged adults are not exempted from experiencing this as they go through life.

To make it clear, this crisis starts with the question, “Who am I?”. You know that you’re more than just your name found in your birth certificate or the name you have identified yourself with. Your identity is tied to what you think of yourself. Are you just this person who is just there? Are you just a living person in a fleeting moment?

The Crisis of Finding Life’s Purpose

Do you believe that you have a purpose? For someone who is experiencing this inner crisis, they think that they don’t have a life of purpose. They are still looking for one of life’s most common question: “what is my purpose?”

Questioning the meaning of your existence can lead someone to isolate, feel sad, and anxious. Humans thrive on how much they know their purpose in life. Awareness of this will help us create decisions that will help us reflect on how much we appreciate life - by living a life filled with purpose. You just have to find it.

Let’s Talk

Are you suffering from existential crisis? Here at Of Vineyards and Canopies Therapy Services, we’re here to listen and reach out our hand to help. Book an appointment with us.

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