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My Story

Hello, my name is Mona! I attended Texas Tech University for four years and completed my Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in psychology with a minor in chemistry. I continued my education and went to the University of Arizona and completed a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology. This educational experience helped influence and solidify my views on psychology and how vast the field is. I have wide experience in clinical psychology with the understanding of different models. Altogether, I have gained over five years of experience in the mental health field and have built up experience leading up to this moment.

My passion is to strive to help bring healing to individuals who have experienced stressors in their lives. It is important to understand that no life is perfect and stressors and traumas can arise. I help my clients find a healthy balance and perceptions of themselves so they are able to be at peace with themselves. Though there is no prewritten plan that is ideal for each and every individual, I strive to find the best possible specialized approach for each of my clients which is best designed for their specific needs.


Calling a therapist can be intimidating, but I hope you take a moment to call and allow me to help you.

Mona G. Hauck, MS

Mental Health Clinician in Training




Currently: Accepting Clients

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