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Our Process

Let us tell you more about how we start our work together. We try our best to have a process that makes you comfortable to meet with us. Your safety and comfort are our priority.

Our Sequence

Building Rapport

We understand that it is not easy to speak with a stranger about things that are so vulnerable and personal about your life, but we are willing to move at your pace. So, please be honest about where you are at. We are here to help you challenge negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors, memories, and experiences that seem to be prevailing in your life. We don't want them to win. There is no judgment.


We do check verify insurance eligibility. However, we do not accept all insurance. For all other insurances that are not listed below, we would be considered out of network. Please also check with your insurance to be sure of your benefits and potential costs.


We do accept cash pay and we do have a sliding scale and accept some EAP plans. Also, ask us about payment plans.

Currently accepting:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare

Our Costs

Individual Sessions: $175

Couple and Family Sessions: $200

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